About us



Our family on the hunt for adventures, searching for freedom with no rules and no boundaries. The freedom to explore, find peace, enjoy eachother and seek experience while living and traveling in our ’76 oldtimer van.

We love to have adventures together, visit foreign cultures, meet interesting people, see beautiful landscapes and discover nature all over the world. And we especially love to do that together with our daughters. Stimulate them to look into this world with an open mind full of wonder and curiosity.

So we take our daughters by the hand or take them on our backs and show them every aspect of this beautiful, rough, inspiring, scary, complex world and life! There is so much to discover out there, better start young!

Through our roadtrips these stories will come along with the hunt for that perfect spot down by the river, on top of the fjord, at the beach or from the top of the mountain peaks.

Dreaming, planning and traveling our vanlife trips. Not sure where the road will take us, but lets find out!