The van

June 2017 we bought our van after a 6 month during proces of finding the right one. We started by figuring out what kind of van we would like to drive. We really like aircooled oldtimers, so a Volkswagen transporter was a serious option. Because of the environmental green taxes on diesel engines in the bigger citys, we tried to avoid the diesel vans.

We thought it was important the van should have four sleeping places, or at least more then two sleeping places were necessary, because our little daughter travels with us of course. Our dog is also a loyal travelmate, so a bit of extra space on the floor isn’t superfluous luxury.

Last but not least we are passionate for oldtimers. We really like the lifestyle driving a retro van, it’s a way of life.

We bought ourselve a ’76 Volkswagen T2 Westfalia Berlin. It has everything we wished for, including a nice marino yellow colour and an aircooled 1600 engine.

We love it!

Posted on september 4, 2017 by Paps


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