France 2017, “part 1”

In the middle of the summer we planned our first roadtrip to France with the van. It was still a bit unknown to travel far away with it, so we were excited about the trip. We were asking ourselve, will the van do it’s job right and will our little daughter like to be on the road?

We wouldn’t know if we didn’t try.

The last week of juli 2017 we drove away south. We loaded the van, did an extra checkup up on our house and after that we went driving.

After a few miles, the oil control lamp was was lighting up. That wasn’t what we had in mind, but after filling up the oil, we continued the trip. Unfortunatly 50 mile further, the oil control lamp lighted up again, so possibly there’s a defect in the motor. At that moment we took the first exit and searched for the problem. The valve cover was leaking oil. After that we found ourselve a campsite in a small village called Spontin (Belgium), where we tried to fix the van. Two nights, some extra experience and another adventure further, paps fixed the van. We were on the road again.In the afternoon we arrived a campsite near to the city Reims (France). We visited Reims.

Reims is a nice old and cosy city, with a nice chic appearance. The city centre isn’t that big, so you easily can visit it in one day. We walked a nice citytour, which leaded us along some nice fountains, the Notre Dame of Reims and some delightful cosy pavement cafés, restaurants and bars which where full of life.

Our daughter needed some extra attention, because the final part to Clairvaux-les-Lacs (France) took a bit longer then she was used to. Mom entertained her succesfully. The trip to the destination went not withhout any issues. The last 10 miles we heard a strange noice from the motor. We took the risk and drove further to our destination, where we steady could search for the problem and hopefully be able to fix it.

Posted on september 11, 2017 bij Paps


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