France 2017, “part 2”

Clairvaux-les-Lacs has some history for us. Years ago this was the destination of our first outdoor camp holliday. Unfortunatly this time there was some work to do, because the strange noice at the motor wasn’t gone. Luckily we’ve made it to our destination, so paps could start fixing the motor at our campspot directly at the beautiful lake, not the baddest circumstances to do some research.

After a while we found the problem. A really usefull part was broken and was sucked in the cooling fan. The strange noice was gone when paps took out that part.

Again after some research, our best option for continuing our trip was to open the cooling valves by hand and secure them. At this way we’ve temporary guaranteed a continue cooling for the motor.

One of the most important things for an aircooled engine is aircooling. In France it was above 30 C degrees, so cooling the motor while driving was absolutely extra necessary.

At home there’s definitely some work to do fixing it to a lasting solution.

We spend a week in Clairvaux-les-Lacs. The weather was extraordinary nice. Spending time together, swimming, hiking, eating, drinking, relaxing and a visit of one of our friends, were the foundation of a lovely week.
At the end we drove back north. We stopped at a small campsite near to the river ‘Moezel’. A very peaceful place.
After the following trip we spend the night near to the city Luxembourg at a busy and well organized campsite. We love the freedom of traveling without boundaries and rules. This campsite wasn’t exactly what we were looking for. No offence, it was very clean and the people were very friendly, but in our opinion it was a bit to organized. After one night we drove back the last miles north.

It’s interesting how easily we just naturally adapt to our situations. Whether we’re in our house living our life, or traveling in a van. In the past we’ve talked a lot about this vanlife idea, but never really had the drive to really make it happen. However now the van is definitely there. We’ve done it and we love it. Maybe next time we can stay out a little longer before we have to head back home.

Posted on september 15, 2017 by Paps


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