Engine troubleshooting

We are happy to report that our engine is no longer in pieces on the ground. September 2017 paps started fixing the engine and did a good motor cleaning. At the end a friend teached paps how to give the engine a major overhaul.

It’s a good thing this engine’s as old as it is. The beauty and appeal of these old vehicles, not just VW’s, but all of the pre-computerized models, is that they were designed to fix and maintain by yourself with hand tools, in the backyard or on dirt-road pullouts.

Using a Haynes workshop manual and the book “how to keep your Volkswagen alive”, including YouTube, paps started tinkering. After a few ours, the engine was seperated from the van. The days after it was important to determine the damage, buy new parts and fix it. When the engine was fixed, it took paps only a few hours to place the engine back in place.

A few weeks later paps had an appointment with a well-knowledged friend, to teach him how to give the engine a major overhaul.

When we bought our van, neather paps or mams knew a damn thing about the mechanics. Now, a few months later, paps did all of the regular maintenance and some troubleshooting. We are conscious of the fact that there is still a lot to learn, but we booked a lot of progress allready.

There’s great power in gaining knowledge about the physical things we rely on. Learning the inner workings of our vehicle will give us incredible personal freedom, on the road as well as in our minds.

Posted on october 3, 2017 by Paps


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