My first blog. Let me start with an intention. The intention of now. That’s my nature; not waiting but acting. Because of this nature I occasionally do too much and I regularly go too fast. But now it is. That does not mean that I never dream of tomorrow, or I don’t look back. But if you want to make your dreams come true, you have to start now. And by looking back, on the other hand, you can do better / different / nicer NOW.

Awareness is a key to this. I make conscious choices to achieve my goal. I weigh the pros and cons, go looking for facts and experiences. At the same time I’m also aware to let things just be as they are. As long as it has been thought trough. The world becomes so much more beautiful when everything is consciously seen and experienced. A season in its full glory, a tantrum of your child (yes, even that makes your life a bit more beautiful) a delicious cup of coffee, a kiss from your lover.

But I was talking about now.

Now I am a mother of a beautiful daughter, married to a sweet man, a woman in full glory (though I say it myself). We’re dreaming about traveling with our van and at the same time we make these dreams come true. I am conscious in life, want to ensure a bright future and make conscious choices in it. You can read about this in the following blogs. If you like..

Posted on february 3, 2018 by LiMa


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