A different trip

Sometimes plans turn out so different.

We’ve been on a really nice, kinda new sort trip. Unfortunatly not a vanlifetrip this time, but we went for a trip towards the snow in Austria. This was the first time going on a snowvacation with our daughter. We expected it to be very different from our previous snowvacations. Together with our parents (in law) we thought it was possible (and fun!). Everything was well thought through. Our plan was to look after our little dragon one by one. We brought an extra carrybag, so that everyone could carry our daughter if necessary. We all thought this was a great plan. However we got sick one by one. The stomache flu took us all. Unfortunatly because of that we could do less of our plans.
The first days our daughter liked being carried so much. But since she is (almost) two she has to say no! So after two days she was fed up carrying and she did not longer want to. Luckily we got to give it a positive swing. At the end we all have accomplished our favorite plans, like snowboarding, skiing, cross-country skiing, sledging and hiking. Our daughter enjoyed herself too but had enough of the cold outside, so of we went to a nice hot swimmingpool.

So, we had a different trip then our child-free life and also a bit different then we had in mind. But we discovered that doing something different wasn’t that bad at all. Actually it was very nice!

Posted on february 23, 2018 by LiMa


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