The road to kitesurfing

Last weekend we went to Vrouwenpolder for this seasons first roadtrip. We’re in the middle of a big renovation of our house, but there’s also a lot going on in our lives, so a rebooting moment and of course spending time together was very welcome for the three of us. It’s so easy to get caught up in the stresses of everyday life. Sometimes you need to step back and get away from things for a bit to regain clarity and recharge. There’s beauty in balance. Our goal is to have a balance line between work and play.

Our goodlife starts when we take a seat in our van, when we drive away, when we’re on the road. It’s not the destination where our holiday starts, but it’s our van that gives us the feeling of freedom and holiday, no matter where we are.

Vrouwenpolder is a small town at the beach in the Netherlands. It has a nice beach and the sea is perfect for a lot of watersports. We went there so paps could take some kitesurf lessons.

Why kitesurfing? We all need sports to keep fit and create a healthy work-life balance. However, when you work and try to travel a lot too this is a problem. It is very difficult to take part in team sports because you often can’t fulfil the commitments with your team. And if you don’t like running or going to the gym, it is hard to find something to keep you active all of the time, while travelling.
In our opinion it’s always good to have something that you love to do that has got nothing to do with your work at all. In kitesurfing you will need to make quick decisions, riding the waves and focusing on what you are doing on the water. It is the perfect way to switch off and think about something else other than work. Not to mention the bonus adrenalin kicks that the sport provides.
It’s easy to take kite equipment with you while travelling on the road. It has to be said that kitesurfing gear is heavy, but if you pack it correctly and only bring two kites with you and one board, you will be fine. It all fits in a big backpack and will travel with us on the roof of our van.

The fact that kitesurfing suits our vanlife dream perfectly and of course because it’s a really nice sport, are the main reasons why paps wants to practise this sport.

This weekend we stayed at a nice campspot behind the dunes. It was only a few hundred meters to walk to the beach. We did a really nice beach walk, red some books and made some good food with our bbq. The temperatures where warm and the wind was perfect for the kite lessons paps took.

This was such a nice weekend! We’re glad to be on the road again.

Posted on may 10, 2018 by Paps


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