So last time I told we went to Vlijmen.

It was wonderful. It was a extraordinary campingspot. We love a little basic and free spirit camping. This had it all. There were no bounded places so we could pick a spot we liked ourself.

The day after we did some hiking in the morning, hoping the sun would shine when we got back. Unfortunately it was still cold when it was naptime for the little girl. But there was a nice fireplace in the middel of the campsite. We sat there for the two houres she slept. After that we had a lovely birthdaypicknick (for paps) How relaxing is that?

What also is relaxing for my motherheart is the following fact. I think some mums can relay to it.. although I hope.. The last vanlife trip we were in Vrouwenpolder. We chose a spot near to the childrenplayfield so our little girl could enjoy herself with hopefully some other kids. This didn’t turned out as I thought.. The other kids didn’t understood her. And she didn’t understood those other kids either. This because she was much younger than the other kids. And as how life is, sometimes there simply is no connection. It was hard to see for me, I felt as if she was rejacted, and I know that she didn’t feel that way, and I know she isn’t traumatised, and I know that’s how she learns about life.. But still…

I was happy to see that this weekend, at the weird little camping there were two girls (a bit older then our daughter) who loved to play with her. They were enjoying thereselfs a lot and so was I.

I guess they would have played a lot longer but we wanted to go to the Ben Pon meeting in Amersfoort. This was a great last day of our trip. We enjoyed to see so many Volkswagens t1, t2, beetles and more. We also enjoyed the food, drinks and icecream. (Of course, always food). On our way home we crossed a lot more Volkswagens who also went to the meeting. I always love it when I see other vintage Volkswagens drivers.

Posted on may 23, 2018 by LiMa


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