Trip 2018, “Germany”

A few weeks ago we drove away East. This roadtrip we planned to visit family in Hungary.

We chose to visit Berlin first. We’ve heard nice things about it. Berlin is the heart of Europe and full of history. A stop at a nice campsite at the west of Magdeburg Germany gave us our first nice sunset of this trip. The next morning we drove to the south of Berlin.

We chose to visite Berlin by train. We parked our van at a campspot in Potsdam and took the train. Unfortunatly this public transport often is late, not running or you have to use buses as a replacement service. For us we had to take the bus as a emplacement service at our way back, because a train was broken. For a while we thought we where back in the Netherlands, because the public transport in the Netherlands also isn’t that good.

That said Berlin is a nice city. It’s breathing history, it’s very multicultural and definitley alive.
We visited the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Cathedral and it’s nice garden, the parliament building and of course the Berlin Victory Column.
During one of the breaks we played in the water of the fountain in front of the Cathedral of Berlin. We love it that with our little girl these days are different then before. We’re watching things with different eyes and exploring it in a slower tempo. Unfortunatly one day in Berlin is a bit to short to visit all the must see things, but for is it was great to get lost in the atmosphere in this extremely warm day.

Next goal was visiting Prague. While driving south, we found out that there is unfortunatly still a massive difference between the living conditions in the eastern and western states of Germany. We drove through the beautiful green nature of East-Germany, the former DDR. On our way South we found a peacefull campspot next to Dresden with a nice pool with water from a well.

Posted on august 22, 2018 by Paps


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