Trip 2018, “Eastern Europe”

Our next stop was Prague. Driving true the Czech republic this nation surprised us with it’s beautiful nature. Beauties in the form of mountains, forests, and more, in an unpretentious and relaxed environment. The city Prague is magical and looks spectacular in every season. We explored the magnificent medieval Charles Bridge, walked around the biggest castle complex in Europe and enjoyed the beauty of magnificent churches. Prague is definitely a great place to be. We also loved the streetfood in Prague. Especially the Trdelník, a kind of spit cake, filled with icecream, was our daugthers favourite. The weather was still extremely warm, so cooling down in one of Pragues fountains also, exactly like in Berlin, was here one of her things to do. These spontainious things are making trips with kids extra special. They force you to step out of your comfort zone. They find places, meet people and let you do things on a comfortabel way that you normally wouldn’t do.

After a great time in the Czech republic, especially in Prague, we drove south-east. We drove true Slovak republic, a mountainous landlocked country that is bordered by the Czech republic in the west and our main goal Hungary in the south.

We entered Hungary in the North-West and drove trough Budapest with Kecskemét as our goal. In Kecskemét we did a cosy familyvisit where we parked our van at a nice private place in the backyard of their farm. A warm welcome with lots of food, mostly grown and raised at their own land, wine made in their own basement and of course self brewn pálinka, Central Europes traditional fruit brandy. We stayed a few nights, enjoyed the warm weather by cooling down in their swimming pool, played with the animals and visited the city Kecskemét. In summary a very lovely visit!

Southward we continued our trip in Hungary onto lake Balaton. To cross lake Balaton we took the ferry from the south to the north part. In Tihany we left the ferry and drove west by folowing the beautiful coastline of the north-west part of lake Balaton. This historical national treasure with ragged volcanic mountains, a lot of birds, gental green rolling hills and beautiful fields of lavender is definitly the most sweet part in our opinion. We camped at lake Balaton in the place Badacsonytomaj, a small place with a touristic campsite. We really enjoyed the stay with it’s beautiful view and our place near to the the water, but in our opinion the camping was a bit to touristic. After a few nights we slowly started our way back home. In the next and last part of our Eastern Europe trip, we’ll show you a few really quite and undiscovered places we found on our way back true Austria and Germany.

Posted on february 4, 2019 by Paps


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