France 2019, “Paris”

In january this year, our youngest daughter was born. Because of her we didn’t want to drive a lot, so we could spend all the time together with our beautiful family.

Normandië and Paris where standing on our wish for a long time. So the idea of visiting the North of France, which is only a few hundred kilometers away, was born. Our little baby daughter doesn’t like driving at all, so mommy has to sit in the back to entertain her. Our oldest daughter taked advantage of this and enjoyed it of our trip at first row.

On our way to Paris, we visited Camping le Château de Bertangles. A lovely small campsite near to a beautiful château. After a peacefull night we continued our trip. Our first maingoal was visting Paris, the city of lights. We booked a few nights at “camping de Paris”. This crowded city camping is located in the West part of Paris, called Bois de Boulogne, and is a perfect starting point for visiting the citycentre.

With a bit of luck we reached camping de Paris. For about 10 kilometers before our destination, we noticed that the gearbox wasn’t working properly. Driving was only possible in the second and the fourth gear. When we made it to the campsite we parked the van at our place and figured out that a small piece of rubber that belongs to the gearstick, was worn out. We orded that part online. After it was transported to Paris, dad fixed the van so we could continue our roadtrip. While waiting for that broken part, we discovered the city centre of Paris in a few days. A beautiful city with really impressive buildings. Of course we visited the Eiffel Tower which gave us goosebumps when we saw it in real. We also visited the Notre-Dame, Louvre and of course the Arc the Triomphe. But there’s more. There is always something beautiful around the next corner in Paris. There’s no doubt we had a wonderfully romantic time, enjoying the unique combination of beautiful architecture, unspoiled history, good food and of course eachother.

Posted on december 12, 2019 by Paps