Sabbatical, “Jumping-off”

Get enough money together , saving vacation hours, maintenance our van, buying the right equipment and work at an itinerary. These things took us a few years to collect, but finally everything came together in the beginning of this year. And then there was Covid-19, which had an incomprehensible impact on the whole world. Of course this ment uncertainty for our long time travel dream. But, long story short, at the end of June our sabbatical roadtrip started! More than a quartered of a year, in it’s totally onehundred days qualitytime with the four of us, living in our ’76 aircooled Volkswagen with the world as our backyard.

At the end of June we left. We had a plan. The Nordkapp in Norway that was our goal. But, because of Covid-19 we had to change plans. Instead of driving North, we followed our hart and drove South. Without any plan, we had the freedom to do what we want. It still feels a bit unreal for us, but we’re on the road. We are living our dream!

Posted on december 10, 2020 by Paps

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