Sabbatical, “France”

We are struggling. The first two weeks of this roadtrip are like a rollercoaster. We are struggeling with our emotions. We’re living our dream and this is what we looked forward to, but unfortunatly it was really hard to find the right rhythem. We didn’t enjoy the first weeks. Our mindset wasn’t right. Our main mental activity in these first weeks was that we really must enjoy this dreamtrip and because of this we didn’t live this moment as we had to. We tried to hard and because of that we where distracted.

But then something unexpexted happend. At a really nice campsite in Saint-Germain-De-Confolens in France, we met an older pair who where enjoying their retirement while traveling for a long time. Our oldest daughter invited them for a cozy chat at the campfire with some sticky marsmellows, and they accepted the invitation cheerfully. This is exactly where these two friendly people learned us a big lesson.

They told us that this journey is an inspiring life time experience and that it deffinitly isn’t a random holiday. At the moment this is our life, live in nature as a full time travel family. They learned us that every life has it’s rough patches, even when you live your dream. Acceptation is the key.

Of course it wasn’t negative all the time. We really enjoyed the strength, charm and magic of nature and being in the middle of it with the four of us. But it took us two weeks traveling and a clarifying conversation with these two life experienced people before we really started to enjoy this journey as we really expected and visualised.

Posted on december 17, 2020 by Paps


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