Sabbatical, “San Sebastian”

We are in Spain and with San Sebastian on our list of must visits it was our next goal to visit this surfy town. After Biarritz we followed the French coastline Southwards. When we crossed the Spanisch border this city was only 30 minutes away from us. San Sebastian is famous about it’s pintxos, Basque countries’ version of tapas. Pintxos are elaborate tapas set-out on the bar every afternoon and evening. It’s impossible to not hop around and indulge in the infamous pintxo bars offering a multitude of options for breaking all diet rules.

On the road people advised us to visit this city in the afternoon and spend the evening in the lively and diverse selection of bars and pubs of the “old town”. For us, with our 1 and 4 year old daughters, it’s needless to say that we normally do trips during the day because of their sleep rhythm. But we really lived in the moment and we where completely free in our mind, so in contrast to normal life we didn’t had to follow the standard parenting rules. Together we enjoyed bar hopping and trying the specialty of each place. If we saw something we liked, we’d buy it with a glass of wine. Typically, in Basque Country, you should limit yourself to one round of pintxos and drinks per bar. There are so many places to try, you don’t want to spend the evening in one place. Pintxos were definitely the highlight of our San Sebastián food experiences. We where all a sleep after midnight, but miraculously our daughters were lovely and tirelessly this evening.

I guess we learned another great lesson this evening. Never follow the standard parenting rules without asking ourselves if this is what we really want with and for eachother. Think free, because the possibilities are unlimited.

Posted on january 7, 2021 by Paps

2 thoughts on “Sabbatical, “San Sebastian”

  1. Heerlijk om te zien! Wij hebben ook zo genoten van San Sebastián..
    Ik had een vraagje. Hoe zit het stoeltje van jouw jongste dochter vast? Wij hebben de kleine voorin, maar dat is niet erg praktisch en comfortabel voor die papa. (Mama rijdt 😬✌🏼)


    1. Dank je voor je bericht!
      De kinderstoel van onze jongste dochter kan vast worden gezet met de gordel. Dit is geen iso-fix stoel. Achterin onze bus hebben wij driepuntgordels, waardoor dit dus zonder problemen gaat.


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