Sabbatical, “Picos de Europa”

In France some friendly people advised us to visit the mountains of “Picos de Europa” in the North of Spain. They told us it has the highest peaks, the most rugged scenery and the most spectacular landscape of the Cantabrian mountains. Although the peaks are considerably lower than in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada, is this mountain range very popular, thanks to the overwhelming landscape with its steep, rocky and jagged peaks.

Before we started climbing these peaks we stayed at a nice campsite where our daughters had a lot of fun in the swimmingpool. Here we also met our new German friends who currently live in Barcelona. Our children had a great connection together and it was very special to see that they could understand eachother perfectly while they did not speak the same language.

After this satisfying encounter we continued our route and started climbing the peaks of national park “Picos de Europa”. We did a lovely hike with our daughters with a spectaculair view at the end. After that our van took us all the way up to the top of puerto de San Gloro at 1609 meters hight where we where again rewarded with a stunning view! Driving this spectaculaire route definitely made it a day to never forget. At the end of this day we visited one of our favourite campsites ever, called “El Cares camping”. Here we slept in the middle of this rugged landscape with the pleasure of watching the stars studded into the clear sky. As the icing on the cake we met our German friend here for the second time. We had a few wonderful days. The mommy’s did some nice outdoor yoga sessions, our children played at the playground and together we did a beautiful hike through the mountains. We also had a few really cozy evenings with wine, snacks and interesting topics of conversation.

We spend over one week in this national park and slept at three different places. Rain is a fact of life here, but the weather that we had was extraordinary nice. Morning glory with valley mist, almost burned off by midday and we’ve got clear sunny afternoons with beautiful sunsets and a clear starry sky. We felt blessed!

Posted on january 14, 2021 by Paps

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