Sabbatical, “Northern Portugal”

With Picos de Europa behind us, we drove south to our main goal Portugal. We crossed the border in the North East part of Portugal where we entered the Douro valley.

An interesting anecdote is that we are expecting some new window parts for our van at a campsite in the Douro valley. The drivers window mechanism was broken and because of that temperatures rise uncomfortable high inside the van while driving. We where really looking forward to the necassary  repair parts that daddy’s father shipped for us to Portugal.

We accessed Portugal by roads that zig-zag up and down the steep hills which gave us a beautiful view over this wild and beautiful frontier green landscape with in the middle the river Douro. When we drove through this spectaculary landscape we noticed that it’s characterised by improbably steep terraces covered in vines and dotted with wine-producing farms called quintas. We planned a day trip to the delightful and charming city Guimarães which is one of Portugals most historici cities. We discovered that this city with it’s World Heritage medieval streets with well-preserved monuments make it one of the most attractive places to visit in the country. We had a great lunch with tapas and local sangria. Mommy and our daughters enjoyed a museum visit. After the visit we drove to a small campsite called “Quinta das Corujeiras” where we bought it’s local green wine “vinho Verde”, finally received our box with spare parts and where we enjoyed a lovely view over the river Douro and the Douro valley, with the most fantastic moonrise ever!

Posted on january 29, 2021 by Paps

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