Sabbatical, “Porto”

Porto was on our bucket list for a while. It is Portugal’s second largest city. Porto is centred around the Douro river and known for it’s traditional port wines and speciality food dishes such as Francesinha. This is a sandwich filled with meat, topped with melted cheese and a tomato beer sauce.

We parked our van at a campsite on the outskirts of the city and went to the city centre by public transport. A short walk over the famous Dom Luís bridge gave us by far the best panoramic view you can get in Porto. This walk brought us directly in the city centre. In this city we really where spoilt for choice as in almost every street there are buildings adorned with traditional azulejo blue and white tiles. We love this! We also tried the famous francesinha sandwich. This sandwich, with its multi-layered meats and sausages combining with the secret orange sauce, was definitely the best sandwich in the world.

One thing is for certain, we fell in love with the mind-blowing architecture, old districts, green parks, ocean views, delicious food, street artists, and friendly locals from Porto.

Posted on february 13, 2021 by Paps


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