Sabbatical, “Central Portugal”

With Porto behind us, we continued our route South. We did a quick visit to Aveiro, dubbed “the Venice of Portugal”. We didn’t like this city. It was almost as crowded and expensive as the real Venice. Also the locals aren’t as frienly as the locals we met before in Portugal. We did a canal boattrip in a “moliceiro” and after that we continued our roadtrip.

After Aveiro we planned to go to Coimbra, Portugal’s third largest city after Lisbon and Porto. Before we went to Coimbra we spend a few nights at a really special campsite, called “O Tamanco Camping & Cantina”. A nice, small and peaceful down to earth campsite with style. Relax, meet other travelers or hang out with other friends and locals, in our opinion this campsite definitely has the right vibe.

After some peaceful nights at “O Tamanco Camping & Cantina” we planned a daytrip to Coimbra. This is one of Portugal’s oldest cities, and with it’s fine old churches, narrow streets, lively cafes, restaurants and pastry shops, the old town is the most interesting part for a visit. Coimbra is a big city, but during our visit in the summer months when the students have left the city it was calm and relaxed.

This week we also visited the small but famous city Tomar. This picturesque place has a lot of history. Medieaval narrow streets paved with cobblestones, old houses with Renaissance Baroque and Romantic façades and of course the Convent of Christ that can be found in the Round Church of Charola made the visit of this historical jewel a truly enjoyable visit.

With the visit of three cities in one week we needed to recharge our minds and slow down a bit. So after this travelweek we did a step back and get away from things to take the time to enjoy eachother.

Posted on march 6, 2021 by Paps

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